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Welcome To The Restoration

BradHodgesBlog.comAs the first post in this newly revived blog, I wanted to set the stage about where we are in America today and what I and many other freedom loving, Constitutional respecting citizens stand for. We are at a critical turning point, one that is going to define the United States of America forevermore.

That turning point will start with the mid-term elections this year and culminate with the presidential election of 2016. There must be a restoration of the Republic one way or the other and my sincere prayer is that American citizens have finally awoken from their stupor and it will be by ballot in the coming elections.

If you are a Conservative join me for the ride of your life as we hopefully restore our once great country. If you are a liberal or disagree with Conservative principles, that’s okay but we will no longer bow to your bullying and politically correct rhetoric. If you can discuss openly and honestly the issues that will be addressed on this blog without resorting┬áto name calling and/or profanity, then you are welcome to join the discussions. If not you will be banned immediately.

While there will be many outside references incorporated into this blog the opinions expressed herein are by the right of free speech by Brad Hodges and it is expected they will be respected as such.