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Battling For The Soul Of America

Soul Of America

There is an epic war being carried out in America. It is a battle being waged to claim the very soul of our country, to set its compass either back to true moral or to continue letting it spin out of control, shifted into negative motion by the divisiveness of eight years under a morally bankrupt Obama administration and the dark agenda of the Left.

It is a classic light verses darkness and good verses evil conflict. Everything has changed, tilted off an axis that once saw a Democratic Party still embracing morality but now turned into anything but your Grandparents Democrat party.

Just some of the questions, that plead for concise answers, are why is the Left so focused on an agenda that includes murder by abortion, disruption of traditional family values via homosexual marriage and a lack of a two parent unit of both male and female as God created and intended? It begs the introspection as to why they want God out of America by a drug like injection of a curriculum in our public schools and colleges. That twisted curriculum includes gender neutral indoctrination, and a politically correct check sheet of engraved talking points that allows no deviation and to hell with freedom of speech, unless it tows the leftist line. What is their end game?

Groups like Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the once venerable ACLU, are little more than hate groups bent on the destruction of the American values that helped build and sustain our country.

The Left are masters of deception and deflection. I recently challenged on Twitter a rant made on MSNBC (one of the most leftist propaganda media sources out there) by Joe Scarborough, Morning Joe, that actually suggested that our President Donald Trump has dementia! While it was no surprise that this major leftist channel once again spewed their fake news, hate Trump, agenda, I received a reply by some random leftist that stated; “Sadly you and conservatives like you would say it’s not true if Joe Scarborough or any other liberal spokesperson told you the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.”

Really? The leftists are so blinded by their mind controlling rhetoric and hatred of conservative principals and values that they actually believe what purveyors of this garbage continue to vomit out daily.

While Republicans are far from perfect and have their own actors on the stage of immorality and corruption, the Democrat party and liberals in general, seem to be imploding with self inflicted wounds.

Even our justice system, the very foundation of what is supposed to keep America separate from the rest of the wayward world is corrupt. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, is becoming an out of control entity who is supposed to be under the control of Congress, and thus We The People. A shocking revelation of their corrupt actions recently came to light in a scathing report on Fox News Tucker Carlson show a few nights ago. Follow this link for the report: Tucker Carlson Tonight – Monday, December 4 –

What is going on in America?

Fortunately, thanks to the election of Donald Trump the tide may finally be turning, despite the rabid dog attacks by the left and the completely biased and corrupt Main Stream Media.

Trump’s election was not some anomaly. Instead his election was the result of the real pulse of America pounding into full adrenaline mode; the forgotten men and women in rural areas, the heretofore silent evangelical’s, the neglected veterans, in other words the real strength of our country finally saying “enough is enough, we are taking our country back!”

Liberals and Democrats (pretty much one and the same) are reeling and on the ropes. Sexual scandals, corrupt branches of government, the shadow government, are all being blindingly exposed in the light of truth and justice finally.

How this will ultimately end up is still to be seen, but if you are a Conservative in America these are very good times indeed.

Our country deserves better. We did not become the greatest country in the world based on the corrupt, immoral agenda and policies of the Left. No, our foundations are based on “One Nation Under God,” a Constitution that still remains the most successful plan of governing in history and a rule of law that must be upheld and respected.

We The People have spoken and we need to remain vigilant and strong even if, God forbid, it comes to an outright revolution against the Left who is bent on the destruction of our great country.

Welcome To The Restoration

BradHodgesBlog.comAs the first post in this newly revived blog, I wanted to set the stage about where we are in America today and what I and many other freedom loving, Constitutional respecting citizens stand for. We are at a critical turning point, one that is going to define the United States of America forevermore.

That turning point will start with the mid-term elections this year and culminate with the presidential election of 2016. There must be a restoration of the Republic one way or the other and my sincere prayer is that American citizens have finally awoken from their stupor and it will be by ballot in the coming elections.

If you are a Conservative join me for the ride of your life as we hopefully restore our once great country. If you are a liberal or disagree with Conservative principles, that’s okay but we will no longer bow to your bullying and politically correct rhetoric. If you can discuss openly and honestly the issues that will be addressed on this blog without resorting to name calling and/or profanity, then you are welcome to join the discussions. If not you will be banned immediately.

While there will be many outside references incorporated into this blog the opinions expressed herein are by the right of free speech by Brad Hodges and it is expected they will be respected as such.